Communication and Collaboration Tool for Educators

About Customer

The customer is an application development company in United States that has focus to develop innovative and revolutionary applications in Education sector. Its mission is to provide users with web applications and sustainable technology solutions that meets user expectations. The team of this development company consists of educators who have devoted time to provide digital tools. The company has succeeded in making a positive change and influencing professional development environment. This customer has heavily impacted views on learning and education.


Nowadays, communication is very important in work as well as education. However, it should have a certain limit and control. Therefore, Customer conceptualized to develop an application which provides a flexibility to students to communicate with everyone, other students and teachers, anytime and anywhere.

At the same time, it also needs to take safety measures and give the teachers the responsibility to monitor and have full control over communication. To overcome this challenge, customer has a vision to create safe chat environment with dashboard that allows the students and teachers to collaborate and communicate effectively and easily.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading offshore software development company in India, built a sustainable technology solution that helps educators communicating and sharing everything with students by providing a safe chat environment with following features present in the system:

  • A safe chat environment for educators and students
  • Group chat with smiley, text, images, links and other advanced features
  • Students can share images and files
  • Users can create rooms and schedule the live chat with other students and educators
  • There is no limit of users in group chat
  • Users can easily register and guest users can also join the group chat
  • Users can create as well as delete rooms
  • Users can block or unblock other users in group chat
  • Tasks management for all users participating in the chat.
  • Students and educators can make notes during online chat
  • Chat admin can mention specific users in Chat and reply to the same can be possible
  • Interactive dashboard with analytical data of tool usage for super admin
  • Super admin can manage and control the rooms, chats, users, notes and tasks
  • Detailed and customized reporting
  • Data import and export for super admin
  • Mobile usage optimization

Technology Used

Type Website
Web Server Apache
Programming Language PHP 5.x
Database Management Server MySQL
Client Technology JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX
Version Control SVN


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. provided a sustainable solution that helped customer to bring a revolutionary change in education sector that allows users to share and communicate in easy and efficient way. This safe chat environment comprises thousands of live users active at the same time. However, safety is equally important. Therefore, it comes up with a safe solution that teachers and educators keep track of every activity of students.