Help Generation System

About Customer

Customer is an IT Professional working with Zealand’s largest general insurance provider in New Zealand. He has wide range of experience working with SharePoint, Salesforce and other Microsoft technology stack. His diverse industry experience and acumen makes him a successful IT professional in New Zealand.


Usage of software and IT is rapidly increasing in day to day operations. Understanding a software or application can be tricky if appropriate help is not available. It is equally challenging for the users to navigate and understand the flow of an application in absence of guidance. In an answer to this challenge, customer realized the need of developing a tool with an eye-catching interface which can help each user of an application to easily generate a wizard based help framework on a single click for any software or application.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading sustainable software outsourcing company, built a WPF based robust and reliable application that helps users to build the web help using simple click. Users having less knowledge of HTML and JavaScript can also generate help of an application without any hassles.

WPF based application consists of the following features.

  • System allows simultaneous design of ‘Help wizards’ for multiple applications
  • Point and click method makes it easy to create help of any web applications
  • Element selection in the browser window for which help requires
  • Automatic CSS generation of selected elements is key feature of the application
  • Robust and consistent help framework consists of Page Context, Page Help and HelpStep. CSS selector method generates the class selector that can be used to display help at run time
  • Offline data management generates help wizards easily without using centrally hosted server
  • Plug-in code similar to Google analytics can be inserted in webpage to make the help accessible for any web page or software
  • Secure and reliable application management using centrally hosted server
  • Import-Export management manages application from one computer to another computer
  • Captured analytics data is used for analyzing the utilization of the Help framework designed with GetHelp studio

Technology Used

Type Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Web Server IIS for Centrally hosted API
Programming Language C# Framework 4.5
Database Management Server SQL Lite
Architecture MVVM
Client Technology JavaScript, JQuery
Version Control TFS


With the sustainable and robust solution provided by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., customer was able to generate wizard based help on a click and write. Consistency and reliability of an application allowed customer to manage offline and cloud based applications using the centrally hosted server. Analysis of the captured data was possible using the resilient feature provided by the application.