Hospital Content Management System

The key to digital marketing, for hospitals, is simply making sure your organization and its information is easily accessible for those who need it quickest: physicians, patients and staff. Digital marketing helps hospitals amplify their brand, raise awareness about the events and efforts in the community, and educates their patient populations. But having a simple and static website is not sufficient and that they need to be dynamic provide constant updates regarding the services they provide. iFour has designed a CMS for hospitals, which, is powerful and flexible. Simultaneously, it is easy to update and manage. Hospitals can almost instantly include, edit and remove pages as well handle all the contents, images and documents on their website. iFour also promises an unparalleled level of after sale service, support and maintenance. iFour’s CMS system lets hospitals have their website just the way they want it to be and hence maximize the overall user experience. Some of the striking features of iFour’s hospital CMS are:

  • Online booking and reservation
  • Manage your online content live
  • Page builder
  • File manager
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery
  • News/events and special offers
  • Site search
  • Detailed and customizable reporting
  • Website Analytics