Hotel Content Management System

Website is an important and integral part of digital marketing for hoteliers. It helps them promote their brand and manage their sales channel efficiently. So, it is inevitable for hotels to have a dynamic, constantly updated and easy to maintain website. iFour has developed just the perfect hotel CMS for such requirements. iFour ‘s hotel CMS gives the hotelier full control of their website while not tampering with the user experience and keeping the sales channel smooth and workable. iFour’s hotel CMS, provides simple log-in intuitive web interface, add pages, drag and drop images, customize fonts, colors & layouts, add rooms, manage pricing and much more. In addition hotel owners can make changes immediately, on their time, from anywhere in the world. Affordability, always up to date and more accessibility are the main competitive advantages of our hotel CMS .Other benefits include better means of communication, security, improved SEO ranking and yet surely save money. iFour’s CMS allows hotels successfully utilize their hotel website to generate maximum bookings and boost revenues. Some of the striking features of iFour’s hotel CMS are:

  • Online booking and reservation
  • Manage your online content live
  • Page builder
  • File manager
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery
  • News/events and special offers
  • Site search
  • Detailed and customizable reporting
  • Website Analytics