School Content Management System

Educational institutes are very vibrant organizations where various activities happen constantly and changes are also frequent. Similarly, school websites, which are an imperative means of accessing vital school information, should be vibrant, dynamic and constantly updated. Static websites do not serve the purpose as it adds cost and time to maintain and manage the website for frequently changing content. This also increases the dependency on IT technical people. iFour, one of the leading IT consultancy firms of India has developed a CMS that addresses almost all the basic requirements of any school and delivers a cost-effective, high functionality websites for schools. At the same time it is flexible enough to let them easily access, edit and manage your website from anywhere, at any time, without any in-house technical assistance. Our CMS systems have features such as:

  • Page builder
  • Menu and layout builder
  • File Manager
  • Manage courses, syllabus and other relevant content
  • Video Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Publish result online
  • Event management and calendar
  • News, alerts and notifications
  • Website analytics