Survey Management System

About Customer

Customer is a leading e-Marketing firm based in USA. Customer primarily operates in the creation of an online medium by building sites and applications on mobile devices. Customer creates tailor-made softwares and focuses on marketing this developed softwares in innovative ways. Customer spans its operations from building property related sites to websites designed for commercial purposes.


Survey management system used by the customer was a legacy system. Customer faced many issues while managing this application. Surveys used, had integration of data from external parties and it became difficult to manage the inflow and outflow of data from these parties. Persuading their existing customers to buy new products through a continuous follow up was a difficult task. Managing the monthly billing of their customers involved a lot of complexity. Integration of the system with new technologies was a tough job to accomplish.

This made customer to consider redevelopment and revamping of legacy survey management system using latest technology and advancements.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading sustainable software outsourcing company in India, built a revamped survey management system with following features present inside:

  • Role Based Access to users based on the roles assigned to them.
  • The burden of managing the monthly billing cycle for customers is resolved by offering a secured payment gateway integration
  • Robust “Survey designer” module to serve variety of purposes and build accurate and catch surveys
  • Conditional Wi-fi connectivity for customers after filling up the survey.
  • “Coupons management system” allows creation of customized coupons according to the user requirements.
  • “Campaign designer” helps in designing attractive campaigns based on advertisement needs.
  • “Survey Scheduler” builds and schedules campaign and surveys for end users
  • Customized and robust reporting module that enables the users to perform survey, market and client analysis.
    • Summary reports help to get information on customers using the surveys, coupons used in the surveys and the campaigns created by the customers.
    • Survey reports enable the users to perform statistical analysis on customer responses.
    • Customer reports provide detailed information on customers, also enlisting the usage of Wi-Fi and coupons by these customers.

Technology Used

Type Website
Web Server IIS
Programming Language ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4.5
Database Management Server Microsoft SQL Server
Architecture MVC / Entity framework
Client Technology JavaScript, JQuery
Version Control SVN
Payment Gateway Authorize.Net Payment Gateway


Integration with the upcoming technologies is the key to provide an effective solution to the challenges faced by the customer. Management overhead is reduced by transforming the payment and billing process in an automated mode. Smooth integration of system with Wi-Fi connectivity is the one factor that should be kept in mind to restrict the user access based on the conditional rules.