Universal Unique Identifier System

About Customer

Customer is an innovator of model that uniquely identifies every physical and logical objects in the world. Customer is based in the Netherlands and has patented this model of uniquely identifying objects. Unique identifier specifies and identifies all digital and physical objects that is accessible anywhere anytime using URL. Customer is working on this model and focuses on creating the bridge between the digital and physical world. Customer elevates the user experience by the use of a unique identifier with rich and enhanced facilities.


Unique identifier for logical and physical objects in the world was unique concept of customer. To materialize his concept, customer realized the need of digitization through web-based application that can be accessed by anyone anywhere.

Customer wanted to use latest technology and architecture to enable access of unique identifier of information to all and every user or system via API.


iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a leading sustainable custom software development company, digitized customer concept with a web based application that made access of information through unique identifier possible. The system offered following features.

  • Digitization of physical and logical objects of the world and made accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Generation of unique identifying object for the use of saving customer related information and attaching documents in a unique way
  • Segment Types handles generation of unique identifying object Segments
  • “System Management” module manages system of unique identifier for customer and user tracking
  • “Account Management” module stores and manages customer and users information in secured environment
  • Customer template version and segment management
  • “Role Management module”, grants individualized access to various users based on roles and access rights
  • “Analytics application sub-system”, prepares customer wise tracking of unique identifier views and reports
  • “Users Access Management” module manages customer users to view unique identifier with segments
  • Domain Allocation of customer domains for generation of unique identifying object
  • Assigns unique identifier by user permission with segment roles
  • Gravity Profile creates gravity customer with its templates
  • Secured customer information management in secured live environment
  • Reliable accounts administration

Technology Used

Type Website
Web Server IIS
Programming Language ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4.5
Database Management Server Microsoft SQL Server
Architecture MVC / Entity framework
Client Technology JavaScript, JQuery
Version Control SVN


With the sustainable solution provided by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., customer could materialize his concept of unique identifier allocation to various information thus digitizing and accessing the information from anywhere made easy, secured and reliable. System made existing information to be connected and customer capable to share, connect and control information in an easy way. Analytics dashboard allows customer to collect unique identifiers interaction and interest data, location, and user data in real time.